Who is Limestone Country Properties?


Limestone Country Properties is a property management company that serves Texas Hill Country. Texas Hill Country is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the country, which provides an exciting challenge for us. We come equipped with the experience and skills necessary to help you make your rental property investment soar to new heights. Whether you have one property or a hundred, we’re prepared to handle every aspect of managing your property.

At Limestone, we’re all about making owning property as straight-forward and simple as it can be. When people dream of owning investment properties, they don’t dream about dealing with tenants, doing paperwork, or organizing maintenance. That’s why we’re happy to take these tasks off your hands so that you can enjoy the manifold benefits of owning property, without any of the hassle.

Our company is headquartered in New Braunfels, Texas, known for being the third fastest growing city in the United States. We’ve already helped over one hundred property owners in the area to get their units running smoothly and profitably.

Our team’s property management expertise was developed through experience in the real estate industry. We’ve helped both investors and home owners develop their real estate portfolios. Through these experiences, we’ve pinpointed all of the necessary steps and strategies to get a rental property running at full flight, and we’re ready to put this know-how to work for you and your investment.

Our core philosophical beliefs when it comes to property management include:

  • Earning our clients’ trust by doing what we say and offering excellent customer service, both to owners and tenants.
  • Putting what’s best for our clients at the centre of everything we do.
  • Building relationships that can last a lifetime by consistently exceeding expectations.
  • Striving to attract and motivate the best possible team members, to use our personal networks as a competitive advantage.
  • Leading in the service of our customers, our community, and our industry.

Good relationships are of utmost necessity for the success of any investment. When us as your property management company, you’ll get instant access to a top-notch team. We also have the skills to find the best tenants available for your property. We’ll work tirelessly to ensure a productive relationship between us, you, and your tenants.

Why Should You Choose Us?


When you’re looking for property management in Texas Hill Country, there’s simply no better choice than Limestone Country Properties. We will handle every aspect of property management, and we approach every task with the ambition that your investment deserves.

When you give your rental property the Limestone advantage, you’ll be investing in our wealth of legal knowledge. This knowledge includes abiding by the Fair Housing Act. We’re experts in the forms and documents you need to protect yourself and your investment, as well as the laws that surround slippery subjects like right of entry and evictions. The last thing you want to deal with when it comes to your property is any legal difficulties, and we’ll work to keep you compliant with local housing regulations.

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We have the administrative know-how to keep your financial statements clear and easy to understand. With access to our online portal, you’ll always know how your investment is performing and what your expenses are. Come tax time, we’ll provide you with the paperwork you need to make it a breeze. We’ll keep all your records for you, and we have the necessary experience to track down any late rent payments.

You’ll be able to relax with the assurance we’re taking care of every aspect of filling your property with suitable tenants. From setting the rent, to marketing, to screening tenants, to showing the property, to setting lease policies, you can be sure we’ll be there every step of the way, working to find you the best possible tenants. As a liaison between you and your renters, you can count on us to establish successful and productive relationships.

Though owning rental property is a joy, there’s no doubt that hiccups can emerge. That’s why you’ll be relieved to have us on call 24/7 if any emergencies do come up. We’ll always return your calls quickly, and we’ll always be ready to handle any curveballs that life happens to throw your way.

Building good relationships is a proven way to keep the stress out of your life. Give us a call to learn more about the ways we can make your property dreams come true.