The Best Antique Shops in New Braunfels Texas

If you want a property surrounded by plenty of places for antique shopping, then you're in for a treat around the New Braunfels area. This region has a lot to offer when it comes to charming and intriguing antique shops.

There’s no need to worry about not finding that perfect shop that speaks to you, New Braunfels has something for any tenant in your property. At Limestone County Properties, we can help you choose and manage the perfect rental property.

Due to our expert knowledge in Texas property management and purchasing, we ensure that you will get the best property around wonderful shops.

Let us help you explore the area you will be investing in by diving into some handy suggestions to aid you in discovering that fantastic antique shop you're after in the heart of New Braunfels.

Downtown Antique Mall

Step into the Downtown Antique Mall, boasting over 60 antique vendors all under one roof. Renters of your property can enjoy the convenience of multiple choices in one unique location.

You can through a sprawling 20,000 square feet of antique wonders that are spread out before your eyes, while still reaping the benefits that New Braunfels has to offer! The Downtown Antique Mall is a great area to finance your rental property in New Braunfels.

Renters can explore an array of items, from books and pottery to coins, jewelry, and even postcards that hold stories from the past. With over 20,000 square feet of floor space, you can wander through a treasure trove that includes not only traditional antiques but also furniture, books, pottery, coins, jewelry, and postcards.

antique books on a shelf

These special antiques really help paint a picture of the rich history in New Braunfels.

Red Rooster Antique and Design Center

At the Red Rooster Antique and Design Center, shoppers in for a treasure trove of distinctive and special finds. This antique store stretches across 25,000 square feet, making it the perfect place to spend the day for avid antique lovers.

This antique mall boasts an extensive collection that ranges from classic pieces to delightfully quirky ones. The center frequently hosts exciting sales and events, making each visit a new adventure for new and seasoned shoppers.

You can also look forward to exciting sales and events that are sure to pique your interest. As a bonus, this particular antique mall even got its moment of fame on the popular TV show "Building Character" on HGTV.

Black Swan Antiques

While in New Braunfels, don't miss the opportunity to explore Black Swan Antiques, a place that claims to be the "most unique antique store in Texas." And it's not just an empty claim; the shop lives up to its stellar reputation and is one of the best places to visit in New Braunfels.

Here, you can search for Old World antiques that have been carefully shipped all the way from England and Europe, making this place ideal for true collectors or those looking to get into antiquing.
close up on an old clock
In addition to antiques, visitors can explore an array of sensory delights, including soaps, salts, baths, body care products, and more. It's an experience that engages all the senses and ensures that every visit is an unforgettable one for anyone.

Gruene Antique

Set foot in Gruene Antique, a shop that occupies a generous 6,500 square feet within the historical Gruene District. The building itself dates back to 1903, adding a touch of history to your shopping experience. Operating as an antique shop since the 1980s, this shop has its roots deep in the local community.

Locals love visiting this store, but tourists are more than welcome. The staff creates a warm environment for anyone interested in their shop.

Visitors are invited to explore a diverse collection of antiques and vintage treasures. However, Gruene Antique is not just a standalone destination; it's situated in an area that's bustling with more than 20 other stores and attractions. So, you're in for a treat that goes beyond just antique shopping.
antique items sitting on a dressed in front of a mirror
This bustling shopping center makes this shop the perfect stop for a full day of exploring New Braunfels. Proximity to these great locations also helps when marketing your rental property.

Bottom Line

Embarking on a journey to discover these captivating antique shops in the New Braunfels area promises an adventure filled with history, charm, and the joy of unearthing hidden treasures.

From the expansive emporiums like Downtown Antique Mall, Red Rooster Antique, and Design Center to the unique allure of Black Swan Antiques and the historical significance of Gruene Antique, each establishment offers a distinct experience that goes beyond mere shopping.

These antique havens not only showcase tangible artifacts but also carry the stories of times past. So, whether you're a seasoned collector or a curious explorer, New Braunfels invites you to delve into its rich tapestry of antiquities, leaving you with memories and finds that will surely stand the test of time.

If you’re looking to get into real estate investing and own a piece of New Braunfels Texas, don’t hesitate to contact Limestone County Properties. We are a full service property management company here to help you with your investment.

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