Top 8 Amenities Renters Can’t Resist in New Braunfels

You'll need to recruit renters to your rental property if you want to be a successful landlord. Writing a solid property description for your web listing and taking high-quality images of your rental property will help you attract more tenants.

However, catering to the needs of tenants, particularly long-term tenants, is one of the most effective strategies to recruit them.

Some amenities are more appealing than others, depending on a tenant's demands or lifestyle. Having a good parking place is vital for individuals who travel to work. More storage areas within a leasing space are preferred for folks who have a lot of possessions.

Amenities Outside the Building

Amenities don't just exist inside the building, but outside too. Whether you have a single-family home, multi-family home, or apartment building, here are some amenities renters are interested that you may not have thought of.

Good Parking

Is there a specific parking area for me if I have my car? Is there any assurance that my car will not be stolen? Is there a parking location where my car will be less exposed to the elements if it's pouring heavily? These are all reasonable concerns that a tenant may have.

Professionals, who need to be at the office/ field daily, require their automobiles to be in top condition. As a result, a safe parking location is preferable. A vehicle is an extension of one's identity, and having a designated parking spot gives a tenant a sense of security.

good parking space

A secure parking lot or space is valued in a densely populated city where parking is a relatively complex issue. It also relieves anxiety to know that the car is safe and secure.

Safety and Security

Everyone needs to feel comfortable at the place they call home; so it's no wonder that while looking for an apartment, renters check for safety features.

Alarm systems, security cameras, automatic locking doors, and secure package delivery are among the most popular security features sought by renters. It's also critical to ensure that your property meets state and local safety regulations.

Soundproof Walls

Soundproof walls are a godsend for renters whose units are exposed to the street and surrounding buildings. Are the walls thick enough to keep outside noise at bay? Is it possible to block out sounds from a nearby house?

Privacy is always appreciated. The tenant can enjoy peace within the home thanks to soundproof walls. When you continuously hear city noises, it can be tough to get a good night's sleep. As a result, a rental flat with soundproof walls is particularly appealing.


Is there a grocery shop close to the rental? What about educational institutions? Is there a good selection of stores nearby? Is it possible to make a midnight sprint to a convenience store? These are typical concerns that tenants have while considering a rental apartment.

walkability score new braunfels

When everything is within walking distance, commute costs, time, and effort are reduced. Parks, entertainment centers, and restaurants can all be reached in a short walk, improving residents' quality of life.

Stepping out and meeting friends in a handy location is also an excellent walking exercise. As a result, walkability is high on everyone's priority list. Instead of driving somewhere, it's more fun to walk a little distance.

Amenities in the Building

What facilities are provided in the building? Is there a gym, a pool, or a lounge? Do you have a recreation and fitness center? Renters choose to live in an apartment or tower complex where they have access to various amenities. They do not need to drive far or purchase a membership for these many convenient services.

Renters appreciate a location that is created to be a one-stop-shop. Your tenants can congregate with other residents, encouraging a community feel. Because multi-unit properties can sometimes appear the same, people choose to depend on the shared amenities they can share with friends and family.

In-Unit Washer and Dryer

Tenants appreciate not having to go to the laundromat every week. To offer them convenience and attract them long-term, consider the installation of an in-unit washer and dryer.

Although in-unit washers and dryers aren't legally needed, they will add value to your property. Due your due-diligence on the best type of appliance to meet such a need.

laundry services available

You can also choose to have on-site laundry facilities if you own an apartment building. Taking a couple of loads of laundry down a flight of stairs is also preferable to dragging laundry into the car and searching for a service provider in the neighborhood. Not having access to laundry services could become a common complaint.

Walk-In Closets and Plenty of Storage

You'll most likely wow potential renters if your rental property offers walk-in closets and built-in storage space, such as huge kitchen cabinets and pantries.

Renters desire plenty of storage space without buying additional containers, wardrobes, or other furniture. Consider adding a walk-in closet to the rental property if you don't already have one.

The makeover may be worthwhile because walk-in closets can be installed without severe structural alterations. Most renters would rather have a smaller bedroom with more storage space than a large bedroom with a small closet. Any more storage space is always appreciated.

Flexible Pet Policies

Many tenants have pets, and because they treat their cuddle friends like family, they'll hunt for pet-friendly rentals while looking for a new place to live. Allowing pets in your rental home may be dangerous, but there are certain advantages beyond increasing your pool of potential tenants.

Pet rent can be an additional monthly income if you charge a pet deposit to cover the damage. The laws governing pet rent, pet fees, and pet deposits differ by state, so ensure to check yours. Pet-friendly features like on-site dog parks and doggie bag stations and a good pet policy will help your rental property stand out.

Need Help Installing Amenities to Your Texas home?

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