How to Boost Your Rental Property’s Curb Appeal

A first impression is incredibly important. Especially in the real estate industry. So, no matter how great the interior of your property is, you should balance that with an eye catching and alluring exterior to your property.

There are many tasks intended to improve the curb appeal of your property, but they don’t always have to be expensive or time-consuming. You can make subtle adjustments, so, with the right approach, prospects will enter your property, with the mind to a sign a lease.

To take you through these subtle but impactful adjustments, we at Limestone Country Properties have put together this article. Allowing you to make the most of your rental investment.

Improve the Front Door

The majority of people who come to visit you or your tenants will use the front door. So, ensure you have a beautiful, well-kept front door to display! In some circumstances, replacing doorknobs can also be of benefit. But and if all else fails, having a new door installed may be a good idea.

You shouldn't undervalue your front door. It should be kept in great condition, solid and built of long-lasting material, such as metal or wood.

front door

Use Vibrant Colors

Have you thought about utilizing color to enhance the curb appeal of your rental property?

Bright colors not only improve visibility of your property, but also enable you to spend less on marketing. Bright hues like crimson or orange can be used to attract more attention from a great distance.

Regardless of the neighborhood type, bright colors are always great marketing tools. Try adding vibrant flowers or another unique garden feature to the property that will really make it stand out from the competition.

If you do use vibrant plants or flowers in your garden, make sure they are low maintenance. You don’t want to add more responsibility to your renters, than you need to

Add Some Foliage

Plants and trees can give a lifeless area great color and vitality, while also offering your tenants some seclusion. The lush surroundings will produce a tranquil but invigorating ambiance, making it the ideal place to unwind or regain energy after work and attract many prospects during marketing.

Speak to an expert in landscaping before making any decisions. Their help can transform the appearance of your front yard while making sure that either you or potential tenants won't have too much work to do when it comes to maintenance.


Light Up the Area

When someone approaches the property, visitors first notice the outside of your home. So, you need to ensure that, no matter the time, your property looks great. This is a great step in converting your property into an investment asset.

You have a lot of choices for amenities regarding great lighting. You can choose from inexpensive DIY kits available online or at home improvement stores to the more expensive and complex installation services that will provide you with years of elegance and security.

Use top-notch lighting to brighten the stairways leading up to and all around the rental property. Every corner will be illuminated elegantly by adding a few chic accents.

Paint the Outside of Your Property

A vibrant and professionally painted property exterior is essential if you if you’re looking to stick out from the competition. This paintwork is an investment in the worth of your house. If you invest intelligently, you'll get the maximum return on your money and benefit from lovely curb appeal.

Make sure to have this paintwork done by a professional, as any errors could be costly. But by keeping on top of your property's aesthetics, you can even get more rent money than a competitor.

outside painting

Establish a Regular Cleaning Schedule.

By keeping a regular cleaning plan, you can keep your home sparkling and welcoming to both prospects and your renters. Clean up any outside furniture and power wash the exterior to ensure that it looks great from all sides.

Homes that have been well-maintained are more likely to be occupied, and tenants like a welcoming environment. The exterior of your property should look tidy and well-kept while you are looking to rent it out.

Bottom Line

It's simple to underestimate the importance of the little details. As a homeowner, when you're preoccupied with other tasks, it's crucial in getting your property rent ready that it has a great curb appeal. All of those significant problems will become minor ones with the appropriate perspective and support.

We at Limestone Country Properties are a great option to consider partnering with. We have the expertise and understanding to assist you in making the most of your New Braunfels, Texas property, regardless of whether it is a single-family home, a rental property, or a portfolio of properties.

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I've worked with Limestone Country Properties for 4 years or more. I have 2 rental homes and I wouldn't consider using anyone to lease these properties beside Limestone. They protect my interest in my property in who they lease to. I was out of town when one of my homes was being rented and they took care of everything making it a worry free vacation for me. I had full confidence that I was being protected all the way around. Limestone knows the rules and follows them to a T to protect their landlords and properties. I have nothing but good to say about them, and much praise.

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