Are you looking to invest in New Braunfels, Texas?

If so, Limestone Country Properties can help. With years of experience under our belts, we can help you make the best investment decisions. Whether you are looking for a single-family unit, a vacation rental, or a multi-property investment, we can help.

Why Consider Investing in New Braunfels?

Recently, there have been many investment opportunities in New Braunfels. There is a high demand for high-quality housing located in our small town, giving investors the opportunity to access a large pool of qualified potential tenants.

New Braunfels is also conveniently located between two major cities Austin and San Antonio. This means that residents can enjoy “city life” without actually being in a large city.

How Limestone Country Properties Can Help

Limestone Country Properties is a leading property management company in New Braunfels, Texas. We devote our time, resources, and experience to help investors like you make the best investment decisions.

We not only help you with the management of your investment, we can also help you purchase your next investment property.

Buying an investment property can be financially beneficial. It can provide you consistent rental income for many years to come. That said, buying an investment property is not easy!

That is where Limestone Country Properties comes in. Our comprehensive team will help you successfully acquire the right investment property.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call TODAY! You can get in touch with us by dialing (830) 253-0018. Alternatively, leave us a message here.

What You Can Expect from Us

investment resources
Due Diligence: Limestone Country Properties has crucial resources to help you properly weigh your investment decision.

We will offer you vital insights on things like vacancy rates, average rents, property tax, tenant turnover rates, and anticipated property appreciation.

In addition, we will also be able to refer you to our experienced agents who specialize in the specific property type you’re looking for. Our real estate agents are top-notch. They have extensive experience and will help you find an investment property that matches your criteria.

No Paperwork: Real estate transactions involve a ton of paperwork. For a first-time investor, this can be overwhelming. A tiny mistake can end up costing you a fortune or even result in a lawsuit.

If you hire us, you can rest easy knowing that our experienced real estate agents will guide you through to the fine print.

Easier Financing: Financing is one of the main challenges first-time investors run into. Once again, this is an area that Limestone Country Properties can help you with.

Our agents can help you access loans from various sources including, banks, FHA loans, hard money loans, and private money lenders.

Access to Best Deals: As an ordinary investor, you will not have access to the MLS database. The MLS is an independent organization that operates a database of electronic property listings in any given area.

That said, our agents do have access to the MLS and this will ensure they know where to find the best bank-owned homes, foreclosed properties, and short sales in the New Braunfels.
investor database
Getting Your Property Rent Ready: If you buy a unit that requires some improvements, you can count on us to take care of it. We have formed relationships with quality, reliable and professional contractors who can help in this regard.

Our goal is to help you rent your property as quickly as possible.

Property Management: Limestone Country Properties is a full-service property management company. Basically, this means that we can help you with all aspects of your real estate transaction.

Here are Some of the Management Services We Offer:

1. Market your Unit to Prospective Tenants

A vacant New Braunfels property means money down the drain. At Limestone Country Properties, we have proven marketing strategies that can help expose your investment property to as many qualified tenants as possible.

2. Screen Tenants Vigorously

At Limestone Country Properties, we only rent to tenants that meet our rigorous screening criteria. Among other things, we check a prospective tenant’s income, credit rating, as well as their criminal, employment, and rental background.

3. Maintain Your Property on Your Behalf

Property maintenance is key to long-term investment success. A property that is regularly maintained not only preserves its value, but it also remains attractive to potential tenants.

We have a team of professional and dependable contractors and vendors that can help keep your property regularly maintained.

4. Collect Rent for You

Although this task may seem easy, rent collection can be challenging. That is why Limestone Country Properties has you covered. We will work to ensure your tenants pay their rent on time, every time.
rent collection

5. Provide You Regular Financial Updates

When working with us, you will be kept in the loop regarding your New Braunfels property’s financial wellbeing. If you hire us to manage your property, we will provide you access to an online portal.

On this easy-to-access portal, you will notice regular financial reports/statements on how your property is performing.

About New Braunfels, TX

New Braunfels is a city in Comal and Guadalupe counties in Texas. Its population is estimated at about 95,782 people. This makes it the 42nd largest city in Texas.

New Braunfels is immersed in Old World charm and sits in the intersection of two rivers. Its German heritage is reflected in the beautifully preserved historic churches, buildings, and homes.

Whether you are looking for adventure, fine dining, retail therapy, family-friendly activities or more, New Braunfels has it all.