8 Tips for Getting Your Property Ready to Rent

Getting a property ready for renters refers to all the activities undertaken to ensure that the property’s condition is ideal for a high-quality tenant.

There are key elements that renters are looking for when shopping for a property to rent: aesthetics, condition of maintenance, price competitiveness, and many more. You’ll want to avoid a scenario where potential tenants view a property that is in poor condition.

Wondering how to implement the above? Here are some tips from the experienced team at Limestone Country Properties.

The Importance of Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the first element to consider when getting your property ready for tenants. It’s common for prospective tenants to be attracted when you put some effort into the exterior of your rental property.

Here are some tips for improving the curb appeal of your property:
Landscaping. A beautiful bit of well-maintained nature on your property is bound to attract tenants.
Remove trash and debris. Cleanliness is attractive and a weak point for renters.
External paint. An extra coat of paint to the external area could make the difference you have been looking for.

A Thorough Inspection of the Rental Property

You want to ensure your property measures to the market standards. Starting from the front door, inspect the property moving down one wall of the property. Proceed through all the rooms of the house, including upstairs, until you have come to where you started at the entrance.


So, what should you be looking at?

• Evaluate each set of curtains or blinds you come across
• Check the screens to ensure they're in good working order
• Examine windows and window frames for cracks
• Examine the walls for scratches or flaws and ensure the paint isn’t chipped or faded
• Inspect all taps, check for leaks, and start the garbage disposal to ensure it is in perfect working order

Prepare a List of the Maintenance Repairs

The inspection in the tip above will let you know all the noticeable repairs your property requires. Prepare a list. It would be advisable to maintain a checklist while inspecting your property. A thorough list will ensure that you do a thorough job later on.

Take pictures for future reference and in case you missed anything.

Consolidate Rental Repairs and Maintenance

Your contractors should only visit the property once you have a detailed repair list. You don't want to end up in a situation where they're making several visits to correct the problems you didn’t spot initially.

Time is a valuable asset, and it equates to lost rent in rental property. Make sure you spend as little time as possible making renovations and repairs to the rental property and start collecting rent from your property.

DIY or Expert?

Do you consider yourself hands-on and have experience in repairs and renovations? Carry your detailed list to the nearest maintenance store and gather all the required material. It makes sense to perform the repairs if you can guarantee the quality of workmanship and invest in high-quality supplies.


If your list calls for a repair that you’ve never done, you should hire a specialist. It’ll save you a significant amount of time because professionals will complete the task swiftly and correctly the first time. You want to avoid recurring repairs.

Make the Necessary Replacements

It beats logic to repeatedly make repairs to an appliance that is constantly in need of service. Instead, replace it. For example, if the boiler has seen better days, you will be wasting the money spent on repairs.

Although it may seem like an expensive course of action in the short run, it reduces money spent on maintenance in the long run. In addition, you’ll have a new asset on the property that will serve you for several years to come.

With the newer appliances, you can charge a higher rental income to recoup the investment made. You'll also keep renters happy by maintaining a modern household.

Check and Recheck the Cleaning Status

When it comes to having your rental home ready to rent, cleanliness is crucial. When walking the walls, they should be clean of grime and dirt. There should be no blemishes on blinds or carpets.

Engage a cleaning service to perform a thorough end-of-tenancy cleaning, involving moving furniture and devices from the wall to clean behind them. You'd be surprised at how much trash and dust can accumulate around fixtures and fittings.

Although preliminary cleaning is critical, your rental will certainly require further cleaning if you have repair professionals coming and leaving. Save any professional services for after all the maintenance has been finished.

Change the Locks

Your rental property, once leased, will be the home of the tenant for the duration of the lease agreement. A dependable landlord wants to guarantee their tenants’ security and the safety of their family and possessions.


We recommend that you change the locks of the property before leasing out the space.

Check the Property for Mold

Not only does mold chase away potential renters, but the presence of mold is also a health issue. For renters with respiratory issues, mold spores in the air could result in a rush to the emergency room.

Thoroughly inspect areas with a high humidity factor such as the basement, laundry room, or attic. Hire the services of a mold remediation company should you need to remove them.

Closing Thoughts

Having a rent-ready rental property is the key to starting your real estate journey on the right foot. With a prepared property, you can be guaranteed of attracting tenants faster, cutting down on the vacancy time, and meeting your targets faster.

Don’t have the experience or expertise in property management? If you're hunting for property management in New Braunfels, look no further than the team at Limestone Country Properties. We have a reputation for transparency, accountability, and quality customer service. Rely on us for a successful landlord-tenant relationship.

Our property management services can satisfy all of your rental property demands. We have the industry knowledge to ensure that your property remains competitive in the neighborhood. Get in touch with us today.

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I've worked with Limestone Country Properties for 4 years or more. I have 2 rental homes and I wouldn't consider using anyone to lease these properties beside Limestone. They protect my interest in my property in who they lease to. I was out of town when one of my homes was being rented and they took care of everything making it a worry free vacation for me. I had full confidence that I was being protected all the way around. Limestone knows the rules and follows them to a T to protect their landlords and properties. I have nothing but good to say about them, and much praise.

Ellen Bunde