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Are you a property owner looking for a professional San Marcos property management company to help you make the most out of your San Marcos rental property? If so, then look no further than Limestone Country Properties. We handle everything from commercial properties to multi-family homes!

Limestone Country Properties is a reputable San Marcos property management company that is committed to helping property owners achieve their real estate investment goals. We're a company that offers property management experience to help your unit be as successful as possible.

We have the experience necessary to help your San Marcos, TX area rental unit soar to new heights. Regardless of your real estate investment portfolio, you can rest assured we're prepared to handle it all.

We pride on being only the very best property management company. As a full-service company, we can help you with all your San Marcos property management needs, such as quickly filling your vacancies with great tenants, maintaining your San Marcos home, collecting rent, enforcing the terms of the lease and more.

With our help, property management in San Marcos, TX is simple! Having a successful rental property requires the hard work of a team like Limestone Country by your side!

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our property management team today. You can contact us by dialing (830) 253-0018 or by leaving your details on this form. Let us answer any questions you may have.

Our San Marcos, TX Property Management Services

As a property owner, you probably know that landlording is far from easy. It requires a lot of time and resources, so it's no wonder savvy real estate investment owners turn to professionals for help.

At Limestone Country Properties, our San Marcos services are designed to take the stress away from property management. We can help you in all aspects, whether that is finding a new tenant, conducting property maintenance, collecting rent, or even taking care of all the legal needs. Overall, we can help you manage your San Marcos home, offering your peace of mind!

Here are some details about the services we offer.

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1. Property Marketing in San Marcos, TX

A vacant San Marcos rental unit is bad for business. You lose money every day your property sits vacant. Luckily for you, Limestone Country Properties can help you in this regard. With this service, our property managers can aggressively market your San Marcos property to make sure it gets a tenant quickly.

Our property management firm uses a myriad of marketing strategies to ensure your property gets exposed to as many prospective renters as possible. From yard signs to rental listing sites to social media promotions, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to help fill your vacancies.

2. Determining the Rental Price

Are you wondering how much your real estate rental property is worth in terms of monthly rent? If so, we can help. Limestone Country Properties has the tools and resources to help you figure out how much rent to charge your renters.

We'll help you find the perfect rental price. That is, one that will enable you to maximize your ROI without impacting your property's competitiveness within the real estate market.

As you probably know, overcharging or undercharging a tenant is never ideal as a property owner. The former will make your San Marcos property undesirable to a prospective tenant, while the latter will make you lose a portion of your income.

So, with our help, you can charge the perfect rent for your rental properties!

Did we also mention that our rental analysis is absolutely FREE? That's right! We won't charge you when helping you determine the correct rent price!

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3. Collecting Rent on your Behalf

Aside from helping you determine how much rent to charge your tenant, our property managers can also help you collect rent as well.

Although it may sound easy, rent collection can be a difficult task. Some tenants can make the process feel nightmarish.

Luckily for you, Limestone Country Properties can help. We have the experience and knowledge to make sure you get paid on time, every time.

Here are a couple of things we do to help ensure on-time payment:

  1. We put in place strict rent-related rules; and
  2. We provide tenants with easy and convenient rental payment options.

4. Maintenance of Your San Marcos Home

Caring for a real estate investment property is essential for long-term success. It helps protect the value of the San Marcos home, as well as retain tenants for a longer period of time.

So, how does our property management company conduct maintenance for your rentals?

  1. A property manager will inspect your real estate property regularly. Among other things, this helps us discover problems early and thus prevent serious damage later on.
  2. A property manager will respond to maintenance requests promptly.

Overall, Limestone Country Properties will take care of all maintenance needs.

5. Thorough Tenant Screening

At our property management company, our property managers can also help you secure respectful and responsible tenants. With this service, we screen tenants thoroughly to help minimize the chances of landing potential problem tenants.

Our tenant screening process checks and verifies important information about a tenant, including their income, credit worthiness, as well as employment, criminal and rental histories.

It also goes without saying that our screening process is fair to all applicants, and follows the Fair Housing Law.

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Do any of these property management services interest you? If so, contact our property management company today. We will set you up with a property manager who will help you manage your San Marcos rental property!

About San Marcos, TX

San Marcos, TX is a city and the county seat of Hays County. It is located between Austin and San Antonio in Texas Hill Country. San Marcos, Texas is estimated to have a population of 66,583 people, making it the 59th largest city in Texas.

The city is perhaps known for the country's largest outlet mall, a historic downtown square, and tons of waterways.

If you are a nature lover, San Marcos has many options for you! The city is home to more than 1,200 acres of park land and 22 miles of hiking trails. For shoppers, you'll be glad to note that city is home to more than 240 name brand and luxury stores. And for foodies, there are many one-of-a-kind restaurants throughout the city!

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Service

Along with the San Marcos area, we also offer our management services in the following areas: Bulverde, Cibolo, New Braunfels, Spring Branch, Schertz, and Canyon Lake.

If you own a rental property in any of the aforementioned areas and need of professional help, do get in touch with our property management company today. We would love to service you!

At our property management firm, we service both local and out-of-state investors!

To work with a property manager and enjoy our property management services, contact our property management company today!