How to Write a Good Property Listing

Before tenant screening or rent collection, you need to have a tenant in your rental. This begins with creating the perfect property listing.

Having success when renting or selling your home begins with a descriptive real estate listing to lure in a potential tenant or buyer. Listing websites have thousands of potential properties in an area for tenants and buyers to look through.

Therefore, your property listing needs to stand out enough for someone to stop scrolling and read it!

The team from Limestone Country Properties has put together the following tips on the matter. With years of experience handling real estate investments in everything from single-family homes to multi-rentals and vacation rentals, rely on our professional team to help you improve your property listing.

Only a good listing with vivid descriptions, a detailed narrative, and quality photographs can you get the best results possible. Here are some tips that may transform your rental listing.

The Persuasive Opening Statement

As said earlier, your potential clients have thousands of similar listings to look at. You have at most a few seconds to entice your potential renter to stop and click on your rental listing. One way to do so is to use the right words in your opening statement.

The trick about the opening statement is to avoid using technical terms and property jargon. Technical statements can both confuse a potential tenant or buyer and sound very impersonal.

Most of the time, tenants and buyers alike are looking for a home, not a property. We recommend creating a listing seeking to connect emotionally with your prospective client.

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Lock in a renter or buyer with a unique opening statement. From the onset, your clients are intrigued by the possibility of what your property has to offer.

The Headline/ Mini-Headline

Once you’ve drawn them in with the opening statement, the headline is where your hook should keep them reading. With the right headline in place, your potential clients will continue reading and learn more about your rentals or on-sale property.

From our experience in the Texas property market, we suggest that you use descriptive words in your headline that are enticing and attention-seeking. Examples of enticing, descriptive words to use include Newly Built Home, Remodeled Single Home, or Stunning Renovated Ranch.

It’s also essential to add the location and neighborhood of the property in the headline.

While you’re trying to show off how wonderful and unique your property is, try not to exaggerate the description of your rental property. Exaggeration can heighten a renter/buyer’s expectations to heights you can no longer meet. It can also hurt your online reputation if you have multiple properties to advertise in an area.

Finally, a headline should be brief and concise. A brief and concise headline makes you, as the landlord, come off as confident and comfortable in the property management business.

The Property Description

The property description is the body of your rental ad. You should describe the features and amenities available on the property. Try not to be too vague in your descriptions.

You need to paint a clear picture of the available features. Through precise wording, a potential tenant should be able to imagine the type of flooring, number of bedrooms, paint, and the kind of shower rooms in your bathrooms. Also mention any renovations you're planning on making to the property.

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We know that you may want to express your excitement but try to use exclamation points sparingly in the property description. A potential tenant or buyer may misinterpret your excitement for over-eagerness.

Finally, through the property description, you should tell a story. All the key facts should come together in an interesting and compelling way.

Highlighting the Key Features

There are certain features that your target demographic is looking for in their ideal property. For example, in a single residence home, buyers or renters may be looking for a Master en-suite bedroom or a modern, eco-friendly HVAC system. Having features like this may lead to more long-term tenants.

Lead your property listing with these features. These highlighted features are what separate your listings from others in the market.

Negative Language

Your property might not have all the features that give it a competitive advantage against other possible options on the market. But, even if it lacks an item or two, don’t mention such issues in your rental ad. Focus on highlighting the best and most unique features of your rental property and omitting anything negative.

A property listing’s main purpose is to persuade potential renters/ buyers that your property is the best selection in the market. You need to make use of positive and favorable language, phrases, and descriptions only.

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The same applies to the tone that you use. Maintain an upbeat and cheerful tone throughout the property listing.


Who doesn’t love a discount or promotion when they are out shopping for a household item? The same applies to your potential renters or buyers. When you throw in a promotion, you are bound to get more interest and possibly reduce the vacancy time of your property.

One particular promotional offer that has worked wonders for our team is the use of home warranties. You can also consider chipping in on part of the homebuyer’s closing costs. When you add this in your property listing, you are bound to increase the interest from potential renters or buyers.

Bottom Line

With a good property listing for your rental property, you’re guaranteed to reduce the vacancy time for your property, reduce your marketing costs and increase your ROI for the year.

You might be wondering how you can make such a quality listing with no experience, resources or expertise in property management. If so, consider relying on the professional services from Limestone Country Properties.

We’re the leading service provider in the New Braunfels area. Known for quality and affordable property management services, we offer comprehensive solutions. Our team takes pride in reducing your stress over property ownership and leasing.

It is our business to ensure that your every property need and want—together with those of your clients—are 100% satisfied. Get in touch with us today!

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